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Bhajane Utsaha Yara Bhitara Bahire


bhajane utsaha yara bhitare bahire

sudurllabha krsna-bhakti pabe dhire dhire



krsna-bhakti prati yara visvasa niscaya

sraddhavan bhaktiman jana sei haya



krsna-seva na paiya dhira-bhave yei

bhaktira sadhana kare bhaktiman sei



yahate krsnera seva krsnera santosa

sei karme vrati sada na karaye rosa



krsnera abhakta-jana-sanga parihari'

bhaktiman bhakta-sange sada bhaje hari



krsna-bhakta yaha kare tad anusarane

bhaktiman acaraya jivane marane



ei chaya jana haya bhakti adhikari

visvera-mangala kare bhakti paracari



1) "Within, without, he who serves with enthusiasm will gradually attain to the rarest pure devotion.


2) In devotion to Lord Krsna, one who has firm faith is a person loyal and devoted on the path.


3) And if Sri Krsna's service he fails to attain, yet practices with patience – devout is such a man.


4) That which serves Lord Krsna, for only Krsna's pleasure, in such action, the devotee can never feel anger.


5) Abandoning the company of the non-devotee, ever with devotees, the devout serve Sri Hari.


6) Following the pure devotees' direction on the path, the true devout practice, as a matter of life and death.


7) Who follow these six qualities qualify for pure devotion -they purify the universe by their preaching mission."




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