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Cijjader Dvaita Jini Korena Sthapana


cijjader dvaita jini korena sthapana

jadiya kutrka-bale hay

bhrama-jal ta'r buddhi kore acchadana

bijnana-aloka nahi tay



cit-tattve adarsa boli' jane jey jane

jade anukrti, boli' mani

tahar bijnana suddha rahasya sadhane

samartha boliya ami jani



ataeva e jagate jaha laksya hoy

baikunthera jada anukrti

nirdosa baikuntha-gata-satta-samudoy

`sadosa jadiya parimiti



baikuntha-nilaye jei aprakrta rati

su madhura mahabahavavadhi

ta'r tuccha anukrti purusa-prakrti

sanga-sukha-samklesa jaladhi



aprakrta siddha-deha koriya asroy


sadhaka prakrti-bhave sri-nanda-tanoy

bhajena sarvada kautuhale



(1) Sometime one may foolishly try to establish the difference between spirit and matter in a manner based only on materialistic speculative theorems; but alas! His intelligence becomes covered over by a network of illusions, and thus he can have no real illumination or realized knowledge.


(2) That person who understands that matter is simply an imitation model of the true spiritual ideal achieves realization of the secret mysteries of the absolute problem. And I would consider such a person to be truly competent.


(3) Therefore you can observe that this universe is simply a material imitation of the supreme Vaikuntha realm. The difference is that all of the existence in Vaikuntha is spotlessly pure, without any trace of fault whatsoever, whereas the material sphere is always full of faults and inebriates.


(4) In the abode of Vaikuntha the transcendental love culminates into the highest limit of super-sweet mahabhava. In contrast, the insignificant imitative relationship between male and female in this world, and the resultant so-called pleasure of their association together, is simply an ocean of complete misery.


(5) Taking refuge in a transcendentally perfect siddha-deha, or spiritual body, on the strength of his union with his own natural samadhi, the aspirant thus eternally worships in novel curiosity the Son of Nanda Maharaja in the mood and emotions like that of a female.




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