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Duhkher Sagore


duḥkher sāgore bhāśiyechi

uttāriye jāni nā


uṭhāl deu āsiche chuṭiyā

ki habe tāhā jāni nā


(tumi) dīna doyāl tumi bhagavān

pār koro āmāi sāmne tuphān


tumi jadi prabhu nāhi koro pār

pārer āśā rākhi nā


Refrain: I am swimming in the ocean of material suffering, and I do not know of any way to be lifted out.

1) O Lord! Please rescue me from the raging storm that is rapidly approaching with torrents of rain. When it reaches me, I do not know what will happen.

2) You, O Lord, are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is merciful to poor fallen souls. Please save me from the terrible storm that menaces before me.

3) If You do not deliver me, O Lord, then I do not even hope to be saved.




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