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The newly formed ISKCON Harinam Sankirtan Ministry is holding the World Holy Name Festival, coming up from September 17 – 23.  This year, they aspire to expand the festival beyond the borders of ISKCON into the greater society.  With the support of devotees worldwide the festival can reach out and bring the holy names to new people.

Because of the global pandemic, traditional ways to share Harinam, on the streets and in kirtan events, are severely restricted. Thus, they plan to offer many ways to participate online and in smaller safer settings.

To do this they need devotees’ help with the artwork, marketing, web development and audio and video production, organizing in local areas. Anyone interested to get involved please contact

In the coming weeks, they will be providing resources to help devotees celebrate the World Holy Name Festival.  These include materials to participate in the Japathon, Holy Name Retreats, and even learn a new beat on the mridanga!

And, most importantly, they will give ways for devotees to share Harinam with others.  This main outreach program is in conjunction with the Fortunate People campaign.  Fortunate People is a global effort to collect audio and video recordings of people chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.  It’s especially meant to make it fun, easy and inspiring to get people to chant the maha-mantra for the first time as part of it’s worldwide Love and Peace campaign.

The World Holy Name Festival will especially focus on the theme of “Let’s Make the World Fortunate” through the Fortunate People program. They’ll soon be sharing more details on how you can participate to the fullest extent.

But for now anyone can get started by making a recording of themselves chanting, and uploading it on  Then they are requested to find  a friend or family member who are not chanting, and encourage them also to record and upload a chant.

See this video with His Holiness Lokanath Swami, Minister of Harinam Sankirtan, sharing more information on Fortunate People.

To make sure not to miss anything please join the lists:


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