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Caitanya Candrer Lila Samudra Apar


caitanya-candrer lila-samudra apar

bujhite sakti nahi, ei katha sar


sastrer agamya tattwa sri krsna amar

tanra lila-anta bujhe sakati kahar


tabe murkha jana keno sastra bicariya

gaura-lila nahi mane anta na paiya


ananter anta ache, kon sastre gay?

sastradhina krsna, iha suni’ hasi pay


krsna hoibena gora iccha ho’lo tanra

sabaikuntha nabadvipe hoila abatara


jakhan asena krsna jiba uddharite

sange sab sahacar ase prtivite


gora abatare tanra sri jaya-bijaya

nabadvipe satru-bhave hoilo udoy


purve purve abatare asura achilo

sastre bole pandita hoiya janamila


smrti-tarka-sastre bole bairi prakasiya

goracandra-saha rana korilo matiya


ataeva nabadvipa-basi jata jana

sri-caitanya-lila-pusti kore anuksana


ekhon je brahmakule caitnyer ari

ta’ke jani caitanyer lila-pustikari


sri-caitanya-anucara satru-mitra jata

sakaler sri-carane hoilama nata


tomara koroho krpa e daser prati

caitanya sudrdha koro binoder mati

(1) The essence of this narration is that no one can possibly have the power to understand the unfathomable ocean of Lord Caitanya-Candra’s transcendental pastimes.

(2) The incomprehensible truth revealed in the scriptures is my Lord Sri Krsna. Who has the power to understand the limit of His transcendental pastimes?

(3) So then why are foolish persons discussing and deliberating the revealed scriptures? They are not reaching to the end due to the simple reason that they have not accepted the transcendental pastimes of Lord Gauranga.

(4) Which scripture sings of the limit of the unlimited? I simply laugh when I hear them say that Krsna is subordinate to and limited by the descriptions of the sastra.

(5) The Supreme Lord Krsna has now become fair-complexioned, and according to His own sweet will has descended along with His Vaikuntha abode in Navadvipa-dhama.

(6) When Krsna comes to deliver all the fallen souls, then all of His associates and followers also come with Him to the surface of the earth.

(7) Along with His fair incarnation His own devotees Jaya and Vijaya have also appeared in Navadvipa in the mood of being the enemy of the Lord.

(8) In many previous incarnations they had also been born as demons, but the revealed scriptures say that they have taken birth in a brahmana family in Gauranga-lila.

(9) The smrti scriptures say that they become absorbed in a fighting spirit with Lord Gauracandra, manifesting enmity and hostility.

(10) Therefore it is a fact that all the residents of Navadvipa whether friendly or inimical, are eternally nourishing the development of Lord Caitanya’s pastime.

(11) I know that these enemies of Lord Caitanya, coming from brahmana background, are actually assistants for giving nourishment to Lord Caitanya’s pastime.

(12) I have thus prostrated myself at the lotus feet of all of the enemies as well as friends who are accompanying Lord Caitanya during His lila.

(13) All of you eternal associates kindly show your mercy to this servant and please make his devotion to Lord Caitanya become completely fixed up.




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