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Amar Emon Bhagya Kota Dine Ha’be


amar emon bhagya kota dine ha'be

amare apan boli' janibe baisnabe




matta ho'ye krsna-guna gabo brndabane



karmi, jnani, krsna-dvesi bahirmukha-jana

ghrna kori' akincane koribe barjana



karma-jada-smarta-gana koribe siddhanta

acara-rohita nitanta asanta



batula boliya more panditabhimani

tyajibe amar sanga mayavadi jnani



kusanga-rohita dekhi' baisnaba-sujana

krpa kori' amare dibena alingana



sparsiya baisnaba-deha e durjana char

anande lobhibe kabe sattvika bikar



(1) After how many days will my good fortune dawn when a Vaisnava will consider me to be his very own property?


(2) By drinking the honey-wine ambrosia that has washed the lotus feet of my Divine spiritual master, I will become madly intoxicated and will sing wildly about the glorious qualities of Lord Krsna in Vrndavana.


(3) I will abandon the company of all fruitive actors, speculators, those who are envious of Krsna, as well as those who have turned away from the Lord, despising them as being insignificant.


(4) The smarta brahmanas who are simply after dull, materialistic fruitive results will conclude that I am a very agitated person and bereft of any proper behavior.


(5) Such puffed-up scholars, who are actually impersonalist speculators, will then renounce my association, considering me to be completely mad.


(6) Seeing me thus bereft of all bad association, the most virtuous true devotee of the Lord will then show his kindness to me by embracing me in great affection.


(7) Thus touching the body of the devotee this most wicked and rejected person will joyfully experience all the eight transcendental ecstatic sattvika transformations.




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