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Ami To’ Durjana Ati Sada Duracar


ami to' durjana ati sada duracar

koti koti janme mor nahiko uddhar



e heno doyalu kebae jagate ache

emata pamare uddhariya la'be kache?


suniyachi, sri-caitanya patita-pavana

ananta-pataki jane korila mocana


emata doyar sindhu krpa bitariya

kabe uddharibe more sri-caranan diya?


eibar bujha ja'be karuna tomar

jadi e pamara-jane koribe uddhar


karma nai, jnana nai, krsna-bhakti nai

tabe bolo' kirupe o sri-carana pai


bharasa amar matra koruna tomar

ahaituki se koruna beder bicar


tumi to' pavitra-pada, ami durasoy

kemone tomar pade paibo asroy?


kandiya kandiya bole' e patita char

patita-pavana nama prasiddha toma


(1) I am certainly the most wicked person, always performing sinful actions. For millions and millions of births I have not been able to gain release from this predicament.

(2) Who is so merciful within this material universe as to pick such a sinner up and take me close to Himself?

(3) But I have heard about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Who is known as the deliverer of the most fallen. Innumerable sinners have already been freed by Him.

(4) Such an ocean of compassion He is, Who is distributing His own causeless mercy! When will He deliver me by bestowing upon me His own Divine Lotus Feet?

(5) Oh Lord! Now I will really understand the extent of Your compassion only if You are able to deliver this most sinful person.

(6) By what means will I get those lotus feet since I am completely bereft of fruitive activities, bereft of knowledge, and bereft of any kind of devotion to Krsna?

(7) My only hope is Your compassion, for the opinion of all the Vedas is that Your compassion is causeless.

(8) You are the very abode of purity, and I am most wicked and evil-minded. So how will I attain the shelter of Your lotus feet?

(9) Weeping and weeping, this fallen and most contemptible person says: "Dear Lord, all I know is that Your most celebrated name is Patita-Pavana, the deliverer of the fallen".




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