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Anadi Karama Phale

anadi’ karama-phale, podi’ bhavarnava-jale,

toribare na dekhi upay

e-vishaya-halahale, diva-nisi hiya jwale,

mana kabhu sukha nahi pay



asa-pasa-sata-sata, klesa deya avirata,

pravritti-urmira tahe khela

kama-krodha-adi choy, batapade deya bhoy,

avasana hoilo asi’ bela



jnana-karma—thaga dui, more pratariya loi,

avaseshe phele sindhu-jale

e heno samaye, bandhu, tumi krishna kripa-sindhu,

kripa kori’ tolo more bale



patita-kinkore dhori’, pada-padma-dhuli kori’,

deho bhaktivinode asroy

ami tava nitya-das, bhuliya mayara pas,

baddha ho’ye achi doyamoy


1) As a result of my selfish activities, which are without beginning, I have fallen into the ocean of material existence, and I see no means of deliverance from this great ocean of nescience. Day and night my heart burns from the vicious poison of these worldly activities, and due to this my mind never finds any real happiness.


2) Bound by hundreds and hundreds of desires like nooses around my neck, they constantly trouble me. In this ocean of nescience play the waves of ever-increasing materialistic tendency. There are also many thieves and rogues, of whom six are prominent: lust, anger, envy, greed, illusion, and madness. They are causing me great fear, and in this way my life is coming to an end.


3) The two highway robbers named intellectual knowledge and fruitive activity have cheated and misled me, and finally they have thrown me into the ocean of misery. At such a time as this, dear Krishna, You are my only friend. You are an ocean of mercy. Please be kind and by Your strength uplift me from this condition of suffering.


4) Grasping hold of this fallen servant, and fixing him as a particle of dust on your lotus feet, kindly give shelter to Bhaktivinoda. O most merciful Lord! I am actually Your eternal servant, but having forgotten this I have become bound up in the snare of maya.




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