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Bara Bara Plan Kori


bāra bāra plan kori bāra bāra bhańge

kakhon bhumite paḍi, kakhon ta’ pańke


ei rūpa brahmāṇḍa bhari (jīva) karaye bhramaṇa

guru kṛṣṇa kṛpāya pāy bhakti nitya dhana


sei dhana mile yadi ār dhana chāḍe

anāyāse cale jāy saḿsārera pāre


bhava pāre āche cid-vaicitrya apār

nitya śānti nitya sukhe karaye vihār


1) People make plans over and over again, and they get destroyed over and over again. Sometimes they fall on the ground, sometimes, they fall in the mud!

2) In the way, the souls are falling and wandering throughoutt the egg-shaped material of Brahma. By the mercy of spiritual master and Krsna, they receive the treasure of devotional service.

3) This treasure is acquired if one gives up other material treasures. One can easily cross over the material world with this treasure.

4) Beyond the ocean of material existence is multicolored with limitless pure consciousness. There is eternal peace and happiness where everyone is happily enjoying.




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