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Bhule Bhule Re Dohara Rupe


bhule bhule re domhara rupe nayana bhule

kanaka-latika ra-i tamala-kole



bija-i bane bane bhrama-i duhu

dumhara kandhe sobhe dumhara bahu



dipa-samipe yena indranila mani

jalada jadayala yena saudamini



kasite kasila nahe kundana hema

tulana dibara nahi dumhara prema



badane badana dite madana jage

alingana diya syama kiba dhana mage



canda upare canda piye rasa sudha

gobinda-dasa kahe na bhangila ksudha


(1) Gazing at each other's forms, Their eyes are enchanted. They are enchanted and again enchanted. Radha is like a golden vine embracing a tamala tree.


(2) They wander from forest to forest. They adorn each other's shoulders with Their arms.


(3) They are like a sapphire and a glistening lamp. They are like a monsoon cloud and lightning.


(4) No gold is pure as Their love. Their love has no peer.


(5) When They gaze at each other, amorous desires awaken within Them. When dark Krsna embraces Her, for what greater treasure can Radha ask?


(6) They are like one moon sipping the nectar of another moon. Govinda dasa says: Their thirst to taste that nectar is never broken.




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