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Ami Ati Pamara Durjana


ami ati pamara durjana

ki korinu hay hay, prakrtir dasatay,

katainu amulya jibana


koto-dina garvbhavase, katainu anayase,

balya gelo bala-dharma-base

gramya-dharma e jaubana, miche dinu bisarjana,

brddha-kala elo abasese


bisaye nahiko sukha, bhoga-sakti subaimukha,

anta danta, sarira asakta

jibana jantranamoy, maranete sada bhoy,

bolo kise hoi anurakta


bhoga-bastu-bhoga-sakti, ta’te chilo anurakti,

je paryanta chilo dehe bala

samasta bigata ho’lo, ki loiya thaki bolo,

ebe citta sadai cancala


samarthya thakite kay, hari na bhajinu hay,

asanna kalete kiba kori?

dhik mor e jibane, na sadhinu nitya-dhane,

mitra chadi’ bhajilam ari


1) Oh no! Just see my condition now! I must be the most sinful rogue of all! Alas, alas, what have I done, what have I done? The human for of life is very rare, but I have passed such a priceless life engaged simply as a slave in the service of the material energy!

2) How much time have I spent being packed up in the womb of my mother? After being born, my childhood was spent simply playing around frivolously, according to the nature of children. Then my youth quickly passed by in executing many different obligations according to social customs. All those days having been wasted uselessly, I now suffer old age in the end as my only reward.

3) I can no longer get any pleasure from sense gratification, for my power to enjoy has now become reversed. My teeth as well as my whole body have now become disabled and weak. Various aches and pains make my daily life unbearable, and I am haunted by continuously hovering fear of death. Due to all this, I don’t feel as if there is any security or protection from any quarter. Therefore to what can I possibly remain attached to in this world?

4) My enjoyment of this body was limited to material sense objects coupled with my drive to enjoy them. But now my attachment and inclination to all this has faded away. Everything in life having now passed me by, my heart is extremely worried about how to hold onto this emaciated old life.

5) Alas! The real problem is that when I was young and fit, I have passed this life without ever worshiping the Supreme Lord Hari. Being bereft of the power to hold onto this body, what will I do now that the final moment is approaching? Oh, to hell with my entire life! I never took advantage of the actual eternal treasure. Instead, I have abandoned my real friend (Hari) only to worship my enemy, (this miserable material energy).




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