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Bhojana Lalase


bhojana-lalase,  rasane amar,

sunoha vidha;na mor


khaiya thakoha bhor



nava-sundar piyusa radhika-nam

ati-mista manohar tarpana-dham



krsna-nam madhuradbhuta gadha dugdhe

ativa jatane koro misrita lubdhe



surabhi raga hima ramya tanhi ani’

aharaha pan koroha sukha jani’



nahi rabe rasane prakrta pipasa

adbhuta rasa tuwa puraobo asa



dasa-raghunatha-pade bhaktivinod

jaco-i radha-krsna-nama pramod


(1) O my tongue, you who are overwhelmed with the desire for tasting material enjoyment, please hear my instructions. Always remain deeply absorbed in drinking the nectarean loving mellows of the beautiful names of the divine couple Radha and Krsna.


(2) The name of Radhika is ever-fresh and lovely, and is pure ambrosia. It is very sweet, utterly enchanting and is the abode of complete satisfaction.


(3) With great care, you should eagerly blend this ambrosial name of Radhika with the wonderful sweet condensed milk of the name of Krsna.


(4) Now add into that mixture the sweet fragrance of loving affection, which is both cool and delightful. Drink this nectar day and night, and you will know what true happiness is.


(5) No longer will there remain on the tongue a thirst for mundane tastes, for these wonderful transcendental mellows will fulfill all of your desires.


(6) At the lotus feet of Raghunatha dasa Goswami, Bhaktivinoda begs for ecstatic rapture in hearing and chanting the divine names of Radha and Krsna.




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