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Dana Pratigraha Mitho


hari he!

dāna, pratigraha,  mitho gupta-kathā,

bhakṣana, bhojana-dāna

sańgera lakṣana,  ei chaya hoya,

ihāte bhaktira prāna


tattva nā bujhiye,  jñāne vā ajñāne,

asate e saba kori’

bhakti hārāinu,  saḿsārī hoinu,

sudūre rohile hari


kṛṣṇa-bhakta-jane,  ei sańga-lakṣane,

ādara koribo jabe

bhakti-mahā-devī,  āmāra hṛdoya-

āsane bosibe tabe


yoṣit-sańgī-jana,  kṛṣṇābhakta āra,


tava bhakta-jana-  sańga anukṣana,

kabe vā hoibe hari!

(1) O Lord Hari, to offer a gift and receive one in return, to give and receive spiritual food, to reveal one’s confidential thoughts and make confidential inquiries — these are the six characteristics of loving association, and in them is found the very soul of devotion.

(2) I have failed to understand the Absolute Truth, and by practicing these six activities with nondevotees, either knowingly or unknowingly, I have lost all devotion. Thus I have become a materialist. For me, You, O Lord, remain afar.

(3) The day I cherish these activities of intimate association with the devotees of Sri Krsna, that day the great goddess of devotion will ascend the throne of my heart.

(4) When will I give up the company of those who are addicted to women and those who are not devoted to You? When will I get the constant association of Your devotees, O Lord?




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