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Dekho Mana Brate Jena


dekho mana, brate jena na hao acchanna

krsna-bhakti asa kori'acho nana brata dhori',

radha-krsne korite prasanna



bhakti je sahaja tattva,citte ta'r ache sattva,

tahar samrddhi taba asa

dekhibe bicara kori',su-katina brata dhori',

sahajer na koro binasa



krsna-arthe kayaklesa,ta'r phal ache sesa

kintu taha samanya na hoy

bhaktir badhaka ho'le,bhakti ar nahi phale,

tapah-phal hoibe niscoy



kintu bheve dekho bhai,tapasyar kaj nai,

jadi hari aradhita hana

bhakti jadi na phalil,tapasyar tuccha phal,

baisnaba na loy kadacana



ihate je gudha marma,bhujo baisnaber dharma,

patra-bhede adhikara bhinna

binoder nibedana,bidhi-mukta anuksana,

sara-grahi sri-krsna-prapanna



(1) Be careful, my dear mind, that you don't become bewildered by ritualistic vows. With an aim to please Radha-Krsna and make Them favorably disposed to you, you accept various types of austere vows. You consider that this will be conducive to practicing devotional service.


(2) Devotional service is actually a very simple and easily understood truth, for it is the soul's natural, inborn tendency. Your desire is to expand and enrich that devotion which is already existing in your heart. But you should be careful to consider that by undertaking unnecessarily difficult vows and austerities, you don't destroy the simplicity of the natural bhakti process.


(3) The results that you get from hard labor on Krsna's behalf are extraordinary and should never be considered to be commonplace. However, if such service turns into an unnecessarily difficult austerity, then it becomes an obstacle to devotion, and it will prevent you from getting the real benefit of devotion. Instead, you will only get the benefit of the results of the austerity.


(4) But just try to understand this, my dear brother. If one is worshiping Hari, then there is no need to labor for penances and austerities. If devotional service does not manifest as the result of some type of austerity, then the insignificant result of that austerity will never be accepted by a true Vaisnava at any time.


(5) From all this, just try to understand the deep inner significance of the principles of Vaisnava behavior. That is, according to differences in receptivity of different persons, there is a definite difference in their rightful capacity in devotional service. Bhaktivinoda's humble submission is that you should just become a sara-grahi and accept the essence of complete surrender to Krsna, thus becoming freed from, and transcendental to, all types of scriptural rules and regulations.




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