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Gopinatha Part – 3


gopīnāth, āmāra upāya nāi

tumi kṛpā kori’, āmāre loile,

saḿsāre uddhāra pāi


gopīnāth, porechi māyāra phere

dhana, dāra, suta, ghireche āmāre,

kāmete rekheche jere


gopīnāth, mana je pāgala mora

nā māne śāsana, sadā acetana,

viṣaye ro ‘yeche ghora


gopināth, hāra je menechi āmi

aneka jatana, hoilo bifala,

ekhano bharasā tumi


gopīnāth, kemone hoibe gati

prabala indriya, bośī-bhūta mana,

nā chāre viṣaya-rati


gopīnāth, hṛdoye bosiyā mora

manake śamiyā, laho nija pāne,

ghucibe vipada ghora


gopīnāth, anātha dekhiyā more

tumi hṛṣīkeśa, hṛṣīka damiyā,

tāro ‘he saḿsṛti-ghore


gopīnāth, galāya legeche phāsa

kṛpā-asi dhori’, bandhana chediyā,

vinode koroho dāsa

(1) 0 Gopinatha, I have no means of success, but if You take me, having bestowed Your mercy upon me, then will obtain deliverance from this world.

(2) 0 Gopinatha, I have fallen into the perils of material illusion. Wealth, wife, and sons have surrounded me, and lust has wasted me away.

(3) 0 Gopinatha, my mind is crazy and does not care for any authority. It is always senseless and has remained in the dark pit of worldly affairs.

(4) 0 Gopinatha, I have accepted my defeat. All of my various endeavors were useless. Now You are the only hope.

(5) 0 Gopinatha, how shall I make any advancement when my mind has come under the control of the powerful senses and does not abandon its attachment to materialism?

(6) 0 Gopinatha, after sitting down in the core of my heart and subduing my mind, please take me to You. In this way the horrible dangers of this world will disappear.

(7) 0 Gopinatha, You are Hrishikesa, the Lord of the senses. Seeing me so helpless, please control these senses of mine and deliver me from this dark and perilous worldly existence.

(8) 0 Gopinatha, the noose of materialism has become fixed around my neck. Taking up the sword of Your mercy and cutting this bondage, make this Bhaktivinoda Your humble servant.




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